The Secure Finder browser extension uses a patent-pending process to detect when your browser is about to send your search query to a search engine which does not respect your privacy and re-routes it to Secure Finder's privacy-enhanced search results page which keeps your privacy safe. You can read more about how Secure Finder protects you here. Please note: Secure Finder serves web results for the whole web. As a result, you may see adult-oriented search results when the “Filter” feature is off. Safari users should be aware that Secure Finder is unable to prevent the logging of your keywords as you search the web due to the limitations in Safari's extension API. This may expose your search terms to your default search engine. However, you make turn of the logging of keywords by following these instructions. We also change the default search provider for Firefox to Secure Finder.

Secure Finder Privacy - The Quick Summary

The Secure Finder search engine and browser extension do not store, collect, or share any personally identifiable information. It is possible at times that we may unintentionally collect or receive personal identifiable information, for example, if you search for your name. If you believe that we have inadvertently collected your personal information, please notify us by email at support@secure-finder.com

The More Detailed Version

Secure Finder takes protecting the privacy of our users very seriously. This privacy policy outlines the limited and non-personal information the Secure Finder Browser Extension and Secure Finder.com (“Secure Finder”) may gather, and our disclosure policy.

Secure Finder Does Not Know Who You Are

Unlike most search engines, Secure Finder does not maintain user accounts, nor append additional information about you or your search history to any type of profile. This means that your searches are not logged in a way that could identify you or be traced back to you.

We Do Not Collect or Store Personal Information

Secure Finder takes the approach of not storing search queries together with any personal identifiers or personal information. In other words, we can't trace your searches back to you.