Privacy Policy

Important: Secure Finder does not collect or share your personal information.

No Tracking

When you visit a website, your computer automatically sends information about it to that website (including your User agent and IP address). This information can often be used to identify you directly. So when you do that private search, not only can those other sites know your search terms, but they can also know that you searched it. It is this combination of available information about you that raises privacy concerns.

Secure Finder prevents your searches from being tracked by default. When you click on a link on our site, we route that request in such a way so that it does not send your search terms to other sites. The other sites will still know that you visited them, but they will not know what search you entered beforehand.

No Search History

When you search at Secure Finder, we don't know who you are and there is no way to tie your searches together. Other search engines save your search history. Usually your searches are saved along with the date and time of the search, some information about your computer (e.g. your IP address, User agent and often a unique identifier stored in a browser cookie), and if you are logged in, your account information (e.g. name and email address). With only the timestamp and computer information, your searches can often be traced directly to you. With the additional account information, they are associated directly with you.

Secure Finder takes the approach to not collect any personal information. The decisions of whether and how to comply with law enforcement requests, whether and how to make data anonymous, and how to best protect your information from hackers are out of our hands. Your search history is safe with us because it cannot be tied to you in any way.

No Cookies

At Secure Finder, no cookies are used by default. If you have changed any settings, then cookies are used to store those changes. However, in that case, they are not stored in a personally identifiable way. Furthermore, if you prefer not to use cookies to store settings, you can use URL parameters instead.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or Secure Finder service, please contact us using the contact form.