What is Secure Finder?

Every time we use the internet our activities are being monitored, recorded and sold without our consent. Secure Finder was developed as a search engine and browser extension to make browsing experience more anonymous and enhance privacy protection while going online.

How Secure Finder works?

Secure Finder prevents your searches from being tracked by default. When you click on a link on our site, we route that request in such a way so that it does not send your search terms to other sites. Instead, we are re-directing you to Secure Finder’s search results page to keep your online privacy safe.

Why using Secure Finder?

Secure Finder prevents big search companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo from profiling you based on your surfing habits. Ads follow you everywhere after you search because these companies create a detailed profile about you based on your search history.

Does Secure Finder collect my personal information?

Our browser extension and privacy-enhancing search engine do not track you with cookies, do not profile you and do not log anything that can identify you personally. We aim to protect your online privacy.

Do you keep my search history logs?

When you search at Secure-Finder.com, we don't collect information about you and we don't know who you are, so there is no way to tie your searches together.

Does Secure Finder prevent other websites from tracking me?

Our purpose is to keep your searches from being used to profile you. Once you leave the search results, we cannot ensure you that you will not be tracked.

How do I uninstall Secure Finder?

Check our quick step-by-step instructions on how to remove Secure Finder from your browser.